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A dental specialty is a formally recognized,
specific scope of dentistry that can be pursued
after graduating from dental school. All
recognized specialties require specialized
training and skills and two to five years in a
university-based program. Orthodontics is an
example of a dental specialty. “Cosmetic” and
“implant” dentistry are not recognized
specialties. There are eleven recognized
dental specialties
in Ontario.
Professional conduct involves an act related to
the accepted ethical and professional standards
of conduct for dental professionals defined in
the Dentistry Act, 1991 and the Regulated
Health Professions Act
. The College has a
number of statutory committees that are
responsible for reviewing the conduct of
members, including the Inquiries,
Complaints and Reports Committee
Discipline Committee, Fitness to Practise
and the Registration Committee.
You can learn more about their
composition and areas of responsibility
on our website.
Dentists may offer different levels of sedation
depending on their training and qualifications. There
are three levels of sedation used in dentistry which
require authorization by the College: moderate,
conscious and deep sedation/general anesthesia.
Non-visiting providers are dentists who use
the sedation equipment and emergency drugs that are
permanently kept onsite in the office/facility where procedures
are performed. Visiting providers bring with them
all the necessary sedation equipment and emergency drugs
approved by the College to an office with the appropriate
facility permit.